Sunday, December 14, 2014

Let's Get Organized: Make-Up Drawer Edition

Like most women I wear make-up every single day. Over the years you accumulate all kinds of things that go in your make-up drawer and eventually (if you are like me) it ends up looking a little something like this:

I know it is absolute chaos! I'm a little embarrassed to even show how bad it was, but I suppose for you to get the full picture I have to.

So this morning as I was digging through piles of items to find the mascara I wanted I decided I should probably do something about it.

So I headed off to Wal-Mart to see what I could find.  I ended up leaving with this:
purchase here.

When I got home I cleaned out the drawer and started organizing and getting rid of products I don't really use anymore. I even had a little help from my favorite furry friend ;)

It took me a little bit to decide how I wanted the organizers laid out in the drawer, but I settled on having them set up like this:

I knew the small organizers would come in handy for my bobby pins and hair ties. I'm kind of a hoarder so I didn't get rid of as much make up as I know I should have. I did though have 8 tubes of mascara and now I'm down to 4. I call that a victory ;) 

Here's the finished product:

There is still a lot going on, but at least now my make up is organized by what it is so I will have an idea of where to start to look if I need something :)

* I used Washi Tape on the edges of the organizational trays just to add extra color.

This project took me maybe 20 minutes and will save me so much time in the future! 
Hope you all have a blessed day! thanks for stopping by :D

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