Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Little Bit of "Me" Time

Seth recently started a new job, which has sent him on multiple training trips to Indianapolis. He left yesterday at about 2 p.m and I found myself with an evening with absolutely no plans. All day at work I was looking forward to the evening. Long behold I had an evening all about ME!

Favorite "Me" Time activities:

Take a Relaxing Bubble Bath:


 This is one of my absolute favorite things to do!  I wish this picture was my bathtub, but no matter what your bathtub situation is you can make it relaxing. I love to light a bunch of candles and put on some of my favorite tunes (I'm kind of obsessed with anything Ron Pope right now, he's amazing *swoon*).

Get Crafty:

I used my time last night to do one of my favorite things, painting. I was able to just sprawl out on the living room floor and get all my paints out and go to work. I even got my  newest painting (above) put up on the wall. Seth told me it looks a little too fallish ;), but I like it so oh well! My only distractions was Boomer constantly trying to get in my paint and water, she is such a pain sometimes!! Gotta love her anyway though :P

Watch YOUR Favorite Show:



With other people you have to be considerate of what they want to watch. When you are alone you can watch WHATEVER you want. Last night I was able to watch Pretty Little Liars and Revenge. Two shows that Seth refuses to watch with me! 

Why "Me" Time is Important:

Having time alone allows you to unwind and have an outlet for any stresses you have. You can relax without taking anything out on the people around you. 


Now that I had some time to myself I'm ready for Seth to be back home with me! I only have to wait until Thursday evening. Hope you all are having a great week so far! I would love to hear from you with any questions or comments.

Be Blessed :)







  1. Me time is so nice every now and again! I have been hearing about "Pretty Little Liars". I may have to check that one out once we wrap "Hart of Dixie" up here on Netflix.

    Your painting is AMAZING! Beautiful job!

    1. I LOVE Hart of Dixie! And Pretty Little Liars will not disappoint, of course I'm kinda a TV junkie ;)

      And thank you! :)

      I've really been enjoying keeping up on your blog! glad we found each other ;) :)