Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

Yay!!! It's Friday!!! Which means it's time for another Friday Favorites. I'm linking up with 3 of my favorite blogs today! They are all such great blogs to read :) I keep up with them everyday. Andrea's blog is Momfessionals, Erika's blog is A Little Bit of Everything, and Narci's blog is Grace and Love.

1. Cats
I'm not ashamed to say I am a cat lover, but occasionally I do come across a little obsessed. My kitties are my babies so I treat them that way. ;) I will take any of the following as Christmas gifts if you are looking for something to get me :D

Okay so the leggings may be a little much, but I might wear them on a special occasion.

2. Aztec Sweaters
I am so obsessed with Aztec print anything right now, but I am especially loving the sweaters. You can find so many different colors and patterns that can go will all kinds of different outfits. They can be casual or you can dress them up. Here are some of my favorites.

3. Board Games

Seth and I are board game junkies. One of our favorite pastimes is getting together with a group of friends and spending hours playing games. Here are a few games I would recommend for beginners. (If you have played these games and want ideas on more in depth games contact me and  I can help you out with that.)

Thanks for stopping by for another Friday Favorites! would love to hear from anyone with any questions or comments :)

My favorite "I'm a crazy cat lady" photo


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! She is a handful, but we love her :)

  2. 2 things:
    First, thank you for including me in your blog list! You blog is so chic :)
    Second, we share a love for cats. I am obsessed with my cats too, and I 100% percent love that cat bestfriend sweatshirt!! Too adorable. So excited to start following your blog!

    1. Oh no problem! Any friend of Maddie's is a friend of mine and I have really enjoyed keeping up with your blog! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. SO- The last picture of the aztech sweater (from google images) has been on my Christmas list for the last several months. Great minds think a like! love you, Alyssa