Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Just In Case You Need Inspiration

There are many reasons to turn to DIY gifts. Maybe money is tight but you still have loved ones that you want to give something to, maybe you have to give a gift to someone who is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for, or maybe you are just super crafty and love a good project. No matter the reason with Christmas less then a month a way it is time to get working on those gifts!

I have compiled together some ideas that have inspired me this Christmas and hopefully they can help you out too (I mean isn't that what Christmas is all about ;)).

Decorated Mugs


I love this gift idea because it is extremely easy to customize! Whether you want to do initials, a special quote or saying, or custom artwork the choice is yours. Just make sure you get oil based paint pens, regular sharpies will wash off in the dishwasher and fade over time. Follow the link for step by step directions, and be watching out in the next couple of weeks when I post my own version of these lovely mugs! 

Mason Jar Gifts

I don't know about you but I am ALL about the mason jar fad that's going around. They are so cute, affordable, and perfect for so many projects. Here is one example of an adorable way to pull off a mason jar gift. Perfect for your girlfriends because you can choose special items that will fit their personality. Also if you follow the link you can get the free gift tag printable. 

Infused Vodka

I absolutely LOVE this idea! For one they are incredibly adorable and for two who wouldn't want to get a little homemade infused vodka for Christmas? If you follow the link you can get the specific recipes for the ones pictured above, but really this is perfect because you can get creative! You can infuse the vodka with anything you think would be delicious, and it gives you the excuse to sample a little for yourself. 

I hope these inspire you to get creative with your gift giving this year :) I would love to hear about any other DIY gifts that you are trying out!


  1. Ok, this post could not be any more perfect. Now you have not only inspired me to binge watch Parenthood, but you have also inspired me to craft Christmas presents while binge watching Parenthood! ;)