About Me

 Hello all!

My name is Addie, and I am the face behind "She Who Longs to Be"

My little family consists of myself, My husband Seth and my 3 furbabies.

Seth and I got married when I was 18 and we are coming up on our 5 year anniversary June 2016.

We bought our first house in May 2014 and although we love our house we will probably be looking to move in summer or fall of 2016.

Anyone who knows us well knows how much we love our furbabies. Gaius is the first cat that Seth and I got. When we moved into our house the previous owners asked if we wanted to keep him and we said yes. Our nickname for Gaius is Fatty... It sounds mean but compared to the other cats its just the truth.
Boomer as a kitten
All grown up
 We found Boomer as a kitten at my Brother and Sister In Laws house. I instantly fell in love and when Seth saw her he did to. So we brought her home. We have all kinds of nicknames for Boomer, but our 2 favorites are: Boomerang and Boomer Baby.
Felix as a kitten
We got Felix in August 2015 and he was SO stinking tiny. At my friend Maddie's bridal shower was where I first met Felix. Her aunt Michelle had rescued him, but was looking to find him a forever home. 
He's getting huge!
Felix is such an awesome cat and I'm so glad we took him home. He is super high energy and loves to be cuddled and carried around. Our favorite nicknames for Felix are: Monster, or Fe Fe

And for the record... I take the term "crazy cat lady" as a compliment ;)

I appreciate the time you take to read my blog! It's just my life in words and I love that I can share it with all of you!

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