Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites


Today I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Andrea at Momfessionals to share some of my Favorites. Fridays in general are a favorite of mine, because of home my schedule has worked out I have generally every Friday off of work so it's just a great jump start to the weekend where I can get all kinds of things done! 
 Lately one of my favorite things has been my new red lipstick. I've been trying to find excuses to wear it just about everyday, but when you work at a daycare showing up at 7:00 am with red lipstick on seems like a tad much. 

It's "younique" brand and I absolutely love it! When I ordered my lipstick I ordered multiple other products too and my other favorite would have to be my eye brow pencil.

I have very light eyebrows so I love that I can use this pencil and fill in my eyebrows and they actually match my hair color. I had tried other eye brow products before and they were always just too dark and made it so obvious that they were drawn on. To shop Younique products you can visit the presenter who I've purchased my products from here.

Since I'm sharing my other favorite make up products I might as well tell you about my contour kit that I got off of Amazon. 

Click to view product details

This contour kit is a powder kit and does take a little time to get used to, but for costing under $7 it is definitely worth trying out if you have been tempted to try contouring. 

Well it may not seem this way, but my intent was not initially to share my favorite make-up, so real quick I want to share my favorite moment from last week.

Last Sunday my niece Braylin was baptized and it was such a beautiful moment! She makes my so proud of how she publicly proclaims her love for Christ. To read my blog post about Braylin's baptism you can go here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Thanks for reading :)

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Dream Bedroom

Seth and I are planning on purchasing a new home this year; because of that I've been searching Pinterest for decoration inspiration. What I have most been stuck on is exactly how I want to decorate our bedroom. Today I wanted to share with you my idea of a perfect bedroom. 

I am completely and understandable obsessed with this color scheme. The mix of Grey, Mustard Yellow, Gold. and a Slate blue is a perfect combination. It is subtle without being boring, bright without being over the top, and it's colorful without my husband feeling like it's too over the top. I would love for you to view and follow my Pinterest board all about my dream bedroom.

Looking on Pinterest is all well and good, but when I want to find real products that I can actually purchase I go to Target.


Click Here to Purchase
Click Here to Purchase
Click Here to Purchase
Clike Here to Purchase
Click Here to Purchase

Click Here to Purchase

 I'm excited that I can realistically decorate my bedroom just with an order to Target! I would love to hear if any of my readers make any purchases and use them for decor of their bedrooms. Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spring Dreaming: 2016

Hello! There is something about this time of year that makes me CRAVE Spring. Here in Indiana we had a couple beautiful days over the weekend, but today it was back down in the 30's. I'm so ready to ditch my boots, winter coats, and fleece lined leggings and replace them with sandals, shorts, and tank tops. Okay so I may be talking more about my summer attire, but a girl can dream! Today I just wanted to share some of my favorite "Spring Inspiration". Hopefully it will brighten your day and give you something to browse on until the warm weather fully arrives ;).

I am obsessed with this outfit. This would be a perfect outfit to wear on a nice spring day when you need to be a little dressier. 

This chambray dress looks so cute and comfy. Which for me is just about the perfect combination!

I cannot get enough of this peplum top. That style is so flattering because it comes in on your waist and then flows over your belly. At least for me that's the kind of shirt I need. 

To see some of the outfits I shared last year when I was "Spring Dreaming" you can go here. Also last years post is featured on the side of this post for easy accessibility. 

Now since I'm calling this dreaming I thought I would share some products I would love to have when spring time rolls around. 

Like any time, when I'm outside I love to be comfy. These patio sets make me want to sit outside with a good book for hours. Add an extra bonus if Seth grills up dinner for us to eat outside! (wait maybe I really am dreaming now!) Also nothing screams spring like some beautiful flowers. If you click on the images it will take you to the page on Amazon that you can view more details on these items.

FINALLY What I've been dreaming about is taking a vacation with Seth. Like I'm talking All inclusive some where tropical where we can have a week doing nothing but purely relaxing. Hopefully these images give you an idea what I'm dreaming of.


I would love to hear what all of you are looking forward to most about spring or upcoming warm weather! Happy Tuesday :)


Monday, February 22, 2016

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday! I know that sounds like a contradiction, but I've noticed that the better attitude I have on a Monday the better Monday I end up having. Today I'm linking up for the first time with two of my blogger friends Tori at The Sweet Life: Diary of a Health Nut and Maddie at Maddie Butterfield Blog for Motivational Monday.

When thinking about what I wanted to post for this link-up I kept trying to think about what motivated me most this past week and I could not get my sweet niece Braylin out of my mind. Yesterday morning at church Braylin got baptized!

At just seven years old Braylin was over the moon excited to publicly share that she was choosing to follow Jesus. After she was baptized and got changed she came and sat by me in the sanctuary for the remainder of service. She was glowing and could not stop smiling. It challenged me to think about how excited I get to share about God to other people.

This week my hope for you is that this sweet and special seven year old can motivate you to live each day more intentionally for Christ.

Have a blessed week and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

Whoo hoo its Friday! Granted I've been off of work most of this week AND I'm not working today, but I still love Fridays :). Today I'm linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals to share some of my favorite things. This week I was looking around my house and realized I have quite a few Cat themed items. So today I decided to share my favorite Cat products and decor.

Awhile back one of my best friends, Chelsie, had a garage sale and she was sweet enough to give me the 2 kitty figurines instead of selling them. They match perfectly with my "All You Need Is Love... And A Cat" Sign that I got from my Mom and Step Dad for Christmas.To purchase the sign click here:  Primitives By Kathy Box Sign, All You Need A Cat

My Sister In Law Ashley got me this mug for Christmas and I LOVE it. It is so big it could probably fit a whole pot of coffee in it. I believe that she got it from T.J. Maxx, but couldn't find a link to where you could purchase it. As you will see below Amazon has some amazing cat mugs!

 My super sweet Hubby got me this mug for Valentine's Day! He shares my love for our furbabies and knew I would love a mug saying I'm the best Cat Mother. He purchased this off of Amazon and you can buy it for yourself (or your favorite cat lover) here: Enesco Cat Mother of The Year Mug, 4.5-inch

 Speaking of Valentine's Day, Last year I got Seth this plate from Target. He pretty much just laughed at it, but it's nice to have a child's plate at my house when my nieces and nephews visit. I looked on Target's website, but unfortunately this plate is no longer available. Sorry!!

Seth and I recently got our kitties a water fountain. We noticed that they always really loved drinking running water out of the sink or the bathtub. I found a great deal on this fountain so we ordered it for our furbabies for Valentines Day ;) As the pictures show they love it. The only issue with it is that they aren't the best at sharing, but we are working on that. If you want to purchase this for your pets you can get it here:Oxgord Pet Fountain Water & Food Bowl Feeder for Dog Cats with Water Filter

Even though I have all these wonderful items there are still some things on my list to purchase:
Click Picture to Purchase
Click Picture to Purchase

I know a lot of these products seem a little silly, but to me they brighten my day so it's worth it. Hope you have a great weekend! 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Meal Planning Made Easy

Preparing a home cooked dinner every night of the week has always been something I have struggled with. My tendency was always to start trying to figure out what to eat at about 5 only to realize that I don't have the ingredients I need or the regular occurrence of the meat being frozen in the freezer.

Since I've been down to only working part time my excuses to not have dinner ready are running pretty thin. To help me keep organized and make sure I always have the ingredients I need on hand for the recipe I want to use I started using my self designed "meal planning system".

If that sounds overwhelming to you don't worry it is not! It's so simple and you probably already have 50% of what you need to do it. The 2 apps I use when meal planning are: Pinterest (duh) and Pepper Plate.  If you don't have these apps they are free so go ahead a download them ;)

For a long time I've used Pinterest as a great resource to find recipes, but just recently I've changed the way I catalog recipes that makes me feel so much more organized. Recipes will be filed on 3 different boards.

1) Recipes I Want To Try:

Follow Addie's board {Recipes To Try} on Pinterest.

This is the board where I collect any recipe that I think I may be interested in making for dinner at some point in the future. I'm not super selective at this point so if I see something that sounds good I'll pin it to this board and do more research on it later.

2) Weekly Meal Planning

 Follow Addie's board {Weekly Meal planning} on Pinterest.
 This second board has been the greatest asset to keeping my meal plans and recipes organized. When I'm getting ready to make my shopping list for the week I move pins from my board "Recipes To Try" to my board "Weekly Meal Planning".  These are the meals that I will be preparing this week. As soon as I move them to "Weekly Meal Planning" I add all the ingredients I need to my shopping list to ensure I'll be completely prepared when I go to make this specific meal. If I am planning on making something in a week that I don't need a pinterest recipe for (i.e spaghetti, lasagna, etc) I will either find a pin to represent that meal or just add it on my planner calendar in the Pepper Plate App which I will talk about later. After grocery shopping for the week I should have all the ingredients needed to make everything in the "weekly meal planning" board.

3) Meals I've Made - 2016

Follow Addie's board {Meals I've made- 2016} on Pinterest.

After I have made a meal I move the pin from "Weekly Meal Planning" to "Meals I've Made- 2016". I use this and similar boards ("Meals I've Made-2014" and "Meals I've Made-2015") to keep track of the pinterest recipes I have tried in the past. So when thinking about what meals to make I will look for new recipes, but also go back to these boards and pick out some tried and true recipes I know Seth and I already enjoy.

I also utilize the App PepperPlate for my meal planning needs. I use 2 parts of the PepperPlate app for my meal planning.

1) Planner

The Planner portion of Pepperplate allows me to put the exact meal I'm planning for that day. When I'm ready to make dinner I can go check my pepperplate app and see what I've planned and then go over to my pinterest board to get the recipes needed.

2) Shopping List
I also use the shopping list on PepperPlate. It is the best grocery list I have found on an App. You put in the item you need and it sorts it for you in the category it belongs in. All you need is to take your phone in with you and you can mark off items as you go.

PepperPlate does have a few other features, but these are the 2 that I use on a weekly basis.

I would love to hear about other apps or methods you have for your weekly meal planning. Thanks so much for reading!