Thursday, January 15, 2015

Valentine's Day: Less Then A Month Away

Call me a romantic but I love looking at all the cute Valentine's Day crafts and ideas on Pinterest. I'm just going to have a quick post to show some adorable Valentine's idea :)

DIY Heart Cake ♥ Great for any occasion! Click here for more DIY inspiration! 
I couldn't find a good link for directions on this cake, but it looks pretty simple! I think this is so adorable and would be a sweet way to show your significant other you love them without spending a lot of money.

Different Pop Tags. Perfect for the busy weeks when we don't get to see each other much but I want him to know that I care.
This one is super Corny, but I know Seth would appreciate it. Not because of the label but because of his love for Mtn Dew

This is sweet. A woman left this for her husband because his love language is words of affirmation

Such a sweet way to shower your significant other with compliments!

What a great idea... Especially for my husband he likes all these kinds of things.
 Perfect gift for your handy man! Could be changed and customized based on your love's interests. Seth's would definitely be much nerdier then this ;)

Baked Perfection: Brown Sugar Blondies for Valentine's Day
These look delicious! If Seth made these for me for Valentine's day I would be beyond thrilled. 

Nothing like getting a head start on Valentine's Day planning! I would love to hear about any other cute ideas you have!


  1. I have been struggling to think of the perfect Valentines gift for Dave, so this post was soo helpful for me! I love the basket idea! I think I'm going to go with that! Thanks for your help Ads ;) love you!

  2. Seth make cookies?! You know he knows how. Does he read your posts? If you buy all the ingredients, maybe he'd do it!

    1. I keep telling him he should read my blog, but I don't think he has since the first couple posts! lol maybe I'll ask him if he will ;)

    2. The Mom/MIL decisions: to tell him or not to tell him. And if you find out I told him, will it still be special? haha! Is your love language acts of service?!