Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Season of Prince Farming: Week 1

So I finally was able to watch the premier of The Bachelor last night (thanks Hulu Plus), and let me tell you it did not disappoint! I had no idea the time commitment I was signing up for, but I sat down last night and saw that it was 3 hours long! Yes you read that correctly. I probably could have done with out the hour on the red carpet, but let's be honest it's good to catch up with The Bachelor Family.

My Favorite couple! They will have the cutest babies!!!

I thought Andi looked stunning! Not to mention she made her own dress, that's impressive
I loved Nikki, so much that I hoped Juan wouldn't pick her. I thought she handled the situation like a classy lady.

Finally the hour long red carpet count down was over and we get to see the good stuff: DRAMA! I think that's the only reason I watch the show, you get to see these people act absolutely ridiculous (with a few exceptions) thinking that they are actually going to impress someone with it. Like these for example:

As a ginger I wanted her to make it, but really a pig nose?!?!

This was just a little too creepy for me, and not cute either.
The idea was cute, but came across trying a little too hard. I still think she's adorable though!

I feel like we need to take a minute and talk about Tara. She had some ups and downs during the night. I thought she started off pretty strong, then got REALLY drunk, and I think we were all shocked Chris kept her.
I think she impressed Chris by not dressing up
Then changed because the other girls were judging her. Here is her second first impression with Chris.
and then this happened:

Isn't this a great National Television Look?
But to EVERYONE'S surprise Chris decided to keep Tara around. He is either really understanding of the pressure she was under, or just plain stupid, only time will tell.

Tara wasn't the only one who wasn't at the top of her game, but will still be continuing on for Chris' heart. There is also a lot to say about Ashley S.
She appears completely normal in pictures, but she came across a little crazy on premier night. And by a little crazy I mean VERY crazy.
Like when she picked this "onion" for all America to see
Clearly Chris didn't get the crazy vibe.

 Before the premiere I picked my top 10 favorite girls. You can see that list here, 2 of the 10 were eliminated night one (Amanda and Kara). And it's safe to say my favorites have changed. Here are my top 3 favorite girls after the first rose Ceremony.

#3 Whitney:
#2 Kelsey:
#1 Britt:

Lets be honest Chris and Britt had some MAJOR chemistry! I absolutely loved her, her hair is amazing, she was so sweet, and anyone who can get a kiss on the first night deserves a round of applause.

It was quite a night, and based on the preview the rest of the season is going to be just as crazy!! Thanks for reading hope you all enjoyed. I would love to know your thoughts on the premier :)


  1. haha! this made me laugh :D i loved it, missed watching it with you girls like the old days!!

    1. It was such a crazy premiere! glad you liked my recap ;)

  2. There is a good chance that I peed my pants while reading this. So funny!

    1. haha I'm glad you liked it ;) love you!!