Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday

I'm super excited because today my Bestie Maddie over at Miss Matilda May , her sweet Bestie Alli over at On My Way, and I are starting a new weekly series! So many times in life we get swept away in our day to day needs that we forget to stop and just be thankful for what we have. Every Thursday MaddieAlli and I are just going to share what we are thankful for; whether it be something serious, funny, small, or big. Speaking of being thankful, how cute is the graphic that Maddie made?!

Today I just want to share a few things I'm thankful for so far this week!


1) Car Problems

No I'm not thankful for car problems, but what I am thankful for is that we have people to help us so we don't go crazy as a temporary one car family. Very thankful fork Seth's mom (Danielle) and step dad (Matt) being willing to let us borrow their car, and give us rides when need be.

2) The Little Things

On Tueaday when I was reading one of my all time favorite blogs Momfessionals I found out that I won a bracelet giveaway! So thankful that I have gotten into reading (and writing) blogs. AND very thankful that Andrea hosted this giveaway. Check out my bracelets that will be on their way soon!

This is the picture Andrea took.

 3) My Hubby

 He has had SO much training in Indy lately. I'm beyond thankful that next week will be his last trip to Indy in the near future! I always miss him so much when he's gone, life is just so much more enjoyable with him around :)

So thankful to be going on 4 years of marriage with this hunk :)

Make sure to head over to Maddie's blog to read her "Thankful Thursday" Post! Thankful for all of my readers!!


  1. Addie! I am so sorry you are having car problems, but I am so happy that you have such giving in-laws willingly to help! I am so happy/jealous that you won Andrea's give away! Dream come true. ;) And I couldn't be happier that you have Seth! Love our new series!

  2. Cute idea!! Maybe I can post stuff im thankful for on my real estate blog Hahahha ;)