Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bachelor Recap Week 4: The Hardest Episode to Watch

Before I get into the real details of the show let me just share with you why this was the hardest episode to watch. 

For the record I can barely walk today. I kept begging Ashley I to JUST STOP CRYING. Thank goodness there was no hot tubbing in last nights episode.

Lets start with the first group date notables. A lot happens on this impromptu camping trip:  Kaitlyn takes off her bottoms (which becomes SUPER relevant at the cocktail part before the rose ceremony), Kelsey hates her life, Ashley S continues to be crazy AND confesses her love to Chris (Like for real), Mackenzie talks about aliens some more, and Ashley I TRIES to tell Chris she's a virgin. 

Overall the date was pretty lack luster. Kaitlyn got the group date rose, which makes sense because her and Chris really seem to click. The girls all accuse Kelsey of being fake, but I respect that she at least told Chris she wasn't having a great time. 

The best and hardest part to watch was when Ashley I climbs into Chris's tent and thinks she tells him she's a virgin, but really he doesn't have any idea what she's talking about! 

Meanwhile Chris's sisters show up to interview the girls and pick who should go on the one on one date with Chris. Jillian is asleep by the pool with the ever famous censor bar over her rear end. Jade is selected for the Cinderella themed date and I couldn't have been more thrilled! She's so stinkin' darling. 

 They appeared to be a match made in heaven! Jade obviously received a rose and Chris vowed to never look over her again. 

 Back at the house Ashley I clearly can't turn the crazy off and is having a princess themed night of her own.

I'm sure she was just dying to try out her "Kardashian look", because "No one would appreciate that date as much as her". You're right Ashley, you are the only girl who has ever wanted to be treated like a princess!

I have a conspiracy theory that the 2nd group date was devised to get Jillian sent home. Think about it they set it up so its a physical challenge to get one on one time, she has the shortest easiest dress to move in, and we all know if Chris gets enough a lone time with her she's gone. 

Their one on one time was pretty painful to watch, she wouldn't stop talking about herself and eventually Chris tells her he just doesn't think it's going to work out. I did feel a little bad when she started crying (but mainly because that meant 10 more V-ups).

Highlights From The Cocktail Party

Virgin Clarification:

Ashley FINALLY tells Chris she's a virgin, and like expected she made a much bigger deal about it then necessary. The greatest part is when Becca acts like a normal person and says "I'm a virgin too, its just a choice I made".  Thank you Becca!! It is something to be proud of not something that you need to feel ashamed and insecure about. 

Britt Confronts Chris

 I LOVE Britt, I mean she has been my favorite since night #1. She is just so adorable and sweet. I actually respected her being honest with Chris about how she felt. Unfortunately it ALWAYS looks bad when the girls spend more time talking about other girls in the house then just enjoying time with Chris. Chris didn't take to the confrontation well and I got nervous for a minute that Britt was going bye bye. 

3 More Girls Go Home

After 8 roses are given out (and 80 squats later), Ashley S, Juelia, and Nikki are sent home. I did a little party dance that Chris kept Britt around!! 

So far the drama has been unmatchable this season! Can't wait until next week. Have a great Tuesday Readers :)



  1. Oh my goodness when Britt was confronting Chris it was almost painful to watch his response, he had NO idea what to say and I honestly had no idea what he was trying to say, made absolutely no sense! haha :)

    1. Oh it was awful haha he was mumbling and never finished a sentence! I stile LOVE Britt though

  2. I am laughing so hard right now. This is hysterical. Also, major kudos to your for including in a workout during the show! So fun & creative. I think we are going to do that at AT next week! Hope you are too sore today from all those burpees! ;)

    1. trust me I'm paying for the work out today. I have vowed to not get out of my chair today because my legs hurt THAT bad. Those burpees were killer ;) haha We can suffer together if you guys do it next week! LOVE you!