Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Cutest Monster Party

On Friday night I headed to my sister Anna's house to work on decorating the cakes and cupcakes, with my other sister Amanda, for my nephew Easton's birthday party. We had such a fun time laughing and working hard to make everything perfect for Easton's very first birthday party. We made a special smash cake especially for Easton:

And another cake for everyone else:

It took a lot of patience and frosting, but they turned out so perfect. Anna worked on all the other decorations herself and they were beyond precious:

On Saturday the whole family got together to celebrate Easton's big day. It's always so nice to just spend an afternoon with the people you love!

He was so excited for his cake!
Doesn't he make eating cake so cute? 

The party was an absolute success! Here are a couple other shots from the day :)

Little Hope who will be celebrating her 1st birthday next month!

The birthday boy with his Aunt Addie

Me and Miss Mayleigh 

Braylin striking a pose

The little cousins playing :)

A close up of Easton's adorable hair and outfit

Klay with Uncle Al 

Uncle Tyler helping Kolt with his Legos

Braylin and me trying on our monster masks 

Emree being adorable as usual 

A candid of Hope and Easton, How sweet :)

I took this picture of Anna, Tyler, and Easton and just had to share it. They are such a sweet family and I'm so blessed to be able to call them my family! I love how much love they have for each other and everyone around them :)

This party was such a great way to spend my weekend! Hope you all enjoy the pictures, hope there weren't too many ;) 


  1. Okay when did Kolt get that big? This is the cutest monster party I've ever seen. That last picture of Anna, Tyler, and Easton is just too much. So sweet!!

    1. I know It's crazy how grown up he is!!! The party was seriously perfect :) love you Mads!

  2. I've had a crazy week so far so I'm getting around to reading this a little late!! Such a cute party...the cakes look so yummy ;-)